Apperio real-time cost tracking

Design for award winning, real-time legal cost tracking platform.

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Apperio first came to us in 2013 to create a brand new platform for businesses to build, manage and optimise their relationships with top quality law firms, from pitch to completion.

The idea and first iteration of the platform focused on law firms tendering to businesses, which we broke down into simple steps to design around. This allowed us to simplify and standardise the process with transparency, one of the main issues when businesses are seeking legal council.

It’s great to be able to design with clients from the start to address the issues and priorities needs from the perspective of those who will use and benefit the site. Whilst launching and securing the first clients along with top law firms Apperio (initially called Legal Tender) was selected as a winner at Seedcamp.

Apperio progress

Tender flow

Product refinement

Two years on Apperio is still growing, the focus now being getting the most out of the analytics from the platform for both the businesses and the law firms so they can track fees and analyse performance metrics without making it a chore.

The below example is a prototype design for the law firms to scope projects by allocated time, easily adding fee earners, to then share with clients within the platform. We worked closely with a particular law firm, taking on board the current process and use cases, which was key to providing a useful tool.

It’s been a great challenge getting to grips with and organising all the data so that both the business and law firms can improve their process by displaying the results in a people friendly and visually compelling way. Working closely with our businesses and law firms allows us to create features that are needed or fit directly into their process.


Scoping demo


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