Flexible analytical tool mapping UK business data.

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Partnering with Trampoline Systems we’ve built clustermap software which visually maps businesses and their data as a public analytical resource. The software has been designed so that we can switch focus on metrics such as employment tracking, revenue in real-time and analysis of sector clustering or growth patterns—making it easily adapted to suit client needs. The tool is also designed to be rebranded for purpose in minimal turnaround time and has been customised for, Cambridge Ahead, Mayor of London, MedCity, European Commision and earlier BVCA.

The launch of “Tech Map London” by Mayor Boris Johnson once again puts London ahead of the world. This is the first time a major city’s entire science and technology ecosystem of has been analysed from live data-sources with such extraordinary detail. Charles Armstrong, Trampoline Systems



Iterating the clustermap model

The design has gone through a few iterations both due to client needs and generally improving the tool. At first it made sense to separate out the types of data in different tabs, eg. map and table data, but as the platform (and the technologies we are using) evolved it made sense to have a template that contained sections of data in a scrollable page. This gives the user faceted search and a wealth of scrollable information organised in one place.



Faceted search

We can customise a set of filters to slice the data depending on the aim of the user. The more analytical the audience the more filters we can add. The filters are closable with a smooth animation, whatever your browser width.

Interactive and data overlaid map

Regional filtering can also be selected using the map as an interface. A zoomable map view can show the location of every company in your dataset with more detail made available when required.

“See once” intro

With each clustermap it has been important to introduce what the aim of the site is and for whom it is intended. Although after this has been read, it becomes a barrier to the data. We designed this module so that once scrolled past it disappears once read (brought back by a discreet link in the top right) as a solution.

Tech Map London provides visual analysis of all 94,000 science and technology business in Greater London.
Clustermap custom logos

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