Hughes Krupica Group

Bright identity for leading investments group in Thailand.

Investment partnership Hughes Krupica needed a brand creating along with a family of sister brands later. It was important to create something that was modern and representative of the bright colours of Thai city life where they are based.

Branding process

After discovering more about the company, their goals and where they sit in the market, I was able to start to turn the brief into ideas. Collecting imagery, sketching and taking inspiration from Far Eastern architectural shapes things started to develop. This process facilitated both experimentation of ideas and a visual aid to explain the thought process with the client.

Logo sketches

Once a couple of clear routes (one for each brand logo) were decided, refinements could be made drawing from a bright colour pallet before adding the type. It’s important to select type that both harmonises with the graphic element, and is fitting for the brand and its audience.

Style tile

We settled on using Calluna as a font family due to its balance between robustness and interesting details. In a ddition Calluna sans has humanist calligraphic qualities that give a modern nod to Thai script writing, a great match!


Hughes Krupica business cards

Final refinements correcting spacing and finer detail completed the process. Hughes Krupica was delighted with the results and we have moved onto several sister brands and templated systems since, always keeping some elements consistent (such as the font family) to allow the brands to feel part of a group with their own identity.

Outdoor advertising

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