LEXI Paralympic classification

Guide designed to demystify Paralympic classification for Channel 4.

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LEXI screens

The LEXI Paralympic classification system uses traffic light colour and icons to explains concisely the different impairment types and why they compete together. 2012 was the first time this was introduced to help sports fans understand Paralympic classification. We were tasked with creating a guide to work on all screens while people enjoyed the Paralympics.

Running on a grid

Working closely with the inventor of LEXI, Giles Long, we went about organising all the information as an interface. To solve the issue of varied amounts of classification for each sport we defined a square grid that could house any number of classifications needed, which also acted as a very clear interface.

Lexi grid

As part of the guide we wanted to integrate the complex classifications in context of the GB Team stars. This was achieved by introducing a GB athlete for each classification, adding interest as well as a reference.

The guide was greatly received and helped sports viewers understand what they were watching on the big screen!