Yapster chat

Mobile technology to empower your workforce

Mobile app Yapster chat sets out to solve a lack of communication options for frontline customer service staff to engage with their colleagues, managers, realise ideas and swap shifts in a secure online community.

Product creation

My task was to design an MVP app from the ground up working closely to fit the needs of our launch company The Breakfast Club. Having service teams input into the process was central to designing and validating our progress.

We had a productive design led kick off discovering what the team felt was essential to them for communicating efficiently with colleagues, and what the constraints currently were with using platforms like Facebook and Whatsapp in the work environment. This focussed the goals and simplicity of the app to base our testing around.

Yapster sketches

At several stages we tested our mockups and prototypes with a range of staff members (and importantly different handsets!). Each time consistent questionnaires or tasks were set to gain qualitative feedback. This allowed us to work well informed of the team’s needs in quick iterations.

Launching the app

By using the app to communicate with each other on the development side we gained even more insight of the power and limitations, realising the MVP into the app stores within three months. Having great access to users was integral to a great output, although it was a challenge to meet product expectaions straight away. The Yapster team are now scaling up inhouse and continue to work closely with their users.

Yapster logo

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